Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

F.A.Q. – Team Captains

  • A team captain is the main contact with D2CTW organization and represents a team of 21 members or more. They lead their dance group, provide important updates to them, and confirm the selection of an appropriate team name.

  • Team Captains will be the teams delegate and speaks for the team while coordinating the team’s participation before and during the Official Attempt for the Largest Worldwide Flash Mob event.

    Before the event, the Team Captain must confirm with the Dance2Change The World® organizers the following;
    -Team name
    -Team size
    -Team member names
    -Team’s location by city and country. (IE. Toronto, Canada)

    Team Captains will receive special emails to help teams prepare and be ready for the worldwide flash mob. They must also inform all team members of any important updates and reminders that may occur along the way.

    During the event, all Team Captains will meet up or communicate virtually with respective event coordinator(s) or the D2TW team to relay any important details back to their team.

    Important note: Team Captains must also have video evidence that their team participated in the Flash Mob.

  • We suggest choosing one word that describes the group’s collective view on what dance brings; IE. Dance 2 ‘Hope’, Dance 2 ‘Live’, or Dance 4 ‘Fun’ or it could be in another language! If you prefer not to choose a name, the default name will be your city; for example Team Toronto or Team Sydney.

    Team Locations will be added to the D2CTW Map.

  • Of course!

    Not only will you get free stuff and up to 25% discount on other Dance2Change The World® apparel, you’ll be invited to our ‘Pre-launch Dance Party’ where you will receive a FREE T-shirt and  get exclusive access to meet and connect with dance leaders, influencers and the Dance2Change staff!

    Alongside the free swag and fun, Team Captains will be added to the VIP list for upcoming workshops and events – you and your team will be eligible to receive discounted pricing on workshops, camps, and other registrations.

    And wait, there is more….

    Team Captains will be invited to future dance film screenings or TV show tapings.

    Team captains can opt-in to be part of an exclusive D2CTW think tank to develop innovative dance content and media. They will have the opportunity to help support NEW social healing projects through dance.

    If a Team Captain is part of a Dance Studio, they will be our point of contact available for scholarships, casting calls, and tapings in your city.

    This movement is about building and connecting. There are plenty of benefits that accompany Team Captains who choose to join our D2CTW family.

    These are a few ways we get to thank you to our Team Captains, but your team will thank you more!

  • Why not?! We believe that there is power in numbers. Especially groups of 21 people or more.

    Because Dance2Change The World® is reaching to people on such a large scale, we want to empower larger groups, encourage the growth of true fans, and harness the energy of group dynamics which are natural by-products of a passionate group coming together. So that’s our story, and we are sticking to it!

  • Basic contact information must be provided;
    -Full Name
    -Main or Cell Phone Number
    -E-mail Address
    -Street Address

    It is required to have video evidence of the team at the event as requested in the rule book of the Guinness World Records.

    We will contact you from time to time so we can work together, answer any questions and confirm that a team is indeed participating. 

  • Anyone!

    This also means that people who are looking for a team may contact a local Team Captain and inquire about joining.

    D2CTW staff may also help assign individuals to Team Captains relative to the geographical location of interested parties.

F.A.Q. – Involvement & Respect

  • To start, you can find a geographical location that is near you in the locations page. There you can find a Team Captain by location, find their contact information and make a request to join a team.

    You can also contact us for help in finding a team! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance.

  • Yes, but not in a restrictive sense.

    All media types can be submitted (Photo, Video, Blog, etc…) and we encourage authenticity but we ask that the content is respectful to others and their belief systems. Although this world has dark moments, and some of this is released through dance expression, we want the website to highlight the good that dance brings to people and the power it brings for social healing, well-being and positive change in our world.

    Please also be mindful that all-ages have access to our site. While we want to keep it real, content shared must be appropriate for a general audience. This means submission should not contain profanity, hate, or discriminatory messaging or content that will knowingly be offensive to children.

    If you do simply wish to share and vent either anonymously or without being featured, feel free to do so. We want heartfelt submissions that bring light instead of heat to the table. Our goal is to bring people together, not to separate or alienate. We hope that all authors will benefit in the end and we provide a platform for all voices to be heard through dance.

  • That’s a trick question. The answer is: No one! Everyone can #Dance2Change!

    We welcome all regardless of religions, cultures, diversities, and sexual orientations. If you are human, we want you to be part of this movement! We can learn from each other! That’s a fact!