Help us use the power of dance to inspire change in our local communities and around the world.  

We need volunteers gifted in dance and/or media.
Here’s our wish list;

  • You have a formal dance background and lots to offer to passion projects and great causes that will make a world of difference.

  • You were born to tell stories and help others bring these stories to screens all over the world. You are passionate about helping a great cause and have the skills to make irresistible content.

  • You have a way with people and a knack for getting out there and bringing great causes and ideas to life by qualifying, accessing financial support from people who are aligned with the cause.

  • You are awesome and passionate at the technical aspects of creating great content and you possess great editing skills too.

  • You have an eye for details and can create awesome graphics all day long and in your sleep. Whether it is for print, motion, social/digital applications your passion for design shows in your work and the work you choose to do for causes that touch, move and inspire.

  • You are a multi-tasker that loves details and process. You understand dependencies, work-back schedules, and milestones but you will also know the dance by heart, organize and communicate with different teams (especially on the day of the Flash Mob event!)

  • You are great with words expressing thoughts on paper. You are able to monitor, moderate and engage regularly in our forums and other PR platforms. When people are posting on social media or on our website.

  • You love to dig through the hashtag posts from different social media platforms and decide which should be featured on our front. There will be submissions from around the world and we’ll need help. The more the merrier!

Be part of an amazing team!
Submit your application so we can review it!

  • Support a dance movement taking over the world.
  • Flexible hours and opportunity to work anywhere.
  • Complete all your community / internship hours and get work experience.
  • Be part of exciting events like WonderJam in Canada’s Wonderland!