Our Mission

Our mission here at Dance2Change is to give back to dance communities that aren't as fortunate as others. We strive to spread the joy of dance to people who cannot afford to bring their children to dance classes. Through donations, fundraisers, and free dance lessons, we hope that aspiring dancers will feel the lasting positive impact of dance.

Make a Donation

If you would like to make a donation, Please email me at april1010@outlook.com with a photo of the items.

Acceptable Donations: 

-dance costumes

-accessories (hair pieces, jewelry, etc.) 

-dance shoes (unworn or lightly worn)

-dance clothes (athletic wear, Leotards, tights, etc.) 

-other dance products (ex. Therabands, bags, muscle rollers, etc.) 

Thank you so much for supporting Dance2Change and the dance community!

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